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Someone commissioned the prolific and talented crazycowproductions to create this pencil lineart of Ranma Saotome:…

Apparently, Ranma ended up wearing a few accessories with the standard fantasy curse of "unable to remove"... and more than a few other curses. I haven't seen anywhere the commissioner or crazycow made clear whether these cursed items just magicked themselves onto Ranma, or if he was tricked into putting them on.

DeviantArt doesn't seem to accept .svg images anymore, so I have to upload the .png instead of the original. I know you can put JavaScript in .svg files, so maybe they're worried that someone will upload a script that messes up their servers?
triuser Featured By Owner Edited Oct 18, 2016
as the commissioner of the set i can safely say what happened   :P
a cult was trying to bring there god to there dimension but needed a true virgin above a certain age and could not find one. so they preformed a ritual that summoned one from a different world.
they got Female Ranma (note: the summoned knocked her unconscious) they kept her asleep with spells and put the items on her as part of a ritual. they are key items made from there god to
bring him to there dimension as the current gods do not want another pantheon  there. a second ritual was to be preformed to send ranma to the god so he could use her body to be summoned back
and then literally have her give birth to him. but there was a time limit that the 2nd ritual had to be preformed for this to work and between the 2 rituals rannma was rescued and the time limit expired.
to have a chance to remove the items over 75% of all the gods of all the pantheon's of that world have to agree to let her remove them. if they are removed they they can be used once more to try to summon
the other god again so its never going to happen. they also lock ranma in the world she was summoned to. (its a dungeon and dragons/pathfinder world)

for the full affect of the items go here…

also been trying to find someone with good writing skill to make this a story with multiple chapters (different adventures in her new world) 
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August 6, 2016
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